Journals of The Wastes

Share your encounters and experiences of The Wastes here, for others to read.
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You stumble upon a small scroll, half buried in the dusty sand, and upon withdrawing it, you see a large map of the land of The Wastes. Under the map lay scribbles of the names labeled on the map and their descriptions.

The home of nearly everyone in the Wastes, here lies a large town that slowly crumbles towards its demise. It is composed of modern buildings, including one or two remaining towers, businesses and schools, but inhabitants are slowly resolving to old times. Huts are starting to be constructed in place of modern households. Trading is the new form of currency, as money has been removed completely. Some witches and wizards live in solitary. Electricity is nearly gone. One thing that will never go away is guns. Guns and all the violence they bring will remain for as long as man lives.

The Dalets
Believed to be the good guys of The Wastes, the Dalet's roots are from previous America's Navy, Army, Marines and Air Force members. They swear their lives to warding off the Cadets and protecting the innocent people of D'loul. Two posts lay on the outside of the large settlement, and two members as well as a spotlight maintain security in the two posts. They never doze off or slack, but they are known to be disorganized when marching to battle.

The Cadets
Believed to be the bad guys, the Cadets started as nothing more than a gang of people who were on the offense when nuclear fallout occurred. They banded together to steal, kill and do anything to survive, even if it meant stabbing another Cadet in the back. They are known to strike first at any moment. They love to take innocent lives and enjoy their screams and pleas. The Cadets will steal children to make servants and slaves. They'll steal the women for their pleasure later. The husbands are often beaten in front of the rest of the family, then left to die in a burning house. They are extremely organized and all seem to look the exact same.

The Dead Lands
The souls of the dead and disturbed live here. People that travel here are known to never return, and their families often never mourn over the lose as soon as they realize they have gone to the Dead Lands. It's suicide to travel there, but impossible to get rid of. Not much is known about the Dead Lands, as no one comes back to record their experience.

The Petrucious Forest
A mystical forest that shields the Cadets from obvious sight, the Petrucious Forest has a reputation for deep emotions and magic. A small rumor has been spreading that a magical mistress lives in the lake, but if one sees her, they immediately follow her into the lake to live with her, and are often found face down in the lake, dead.

Lake Petrucious [Pretend it's spelled like above from the map]
A lake in the midst of the Petrucious Forest, a mystical mistress is rumored to live there. But beware... if you follow her in, you may not make it too far...

The Buffer Fields
These are the in-between lands of the Wastes. As one approaches D'loul, more life can be seen. However, as one moves to the Dead Lands and the Petrucious Forest, life begins to diminish quickly. Vicious and poisonous animals live here. It can be traveled through safely and easily, and some are simply viewed by the animals, as they don't wish to attack the traveler. Half-dead trees, caves and brush cover the area, making it hard to see through.

The Agency
An agency, simply known as above, is known to be located somewhere in the Wastes somewhere, but it has never been found. At least, no one has returned from it. The effects of it are known by everyone, though. An agency that trains superior soldiers into man-slaughtering assassin machines is a threat to everyone here. They are emotionless, cruel and willing to kill anything in their paths to complete their missions.

Good luck, newcomer. I hope you will survive.
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