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 Izanami Kou

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PostSubject: Izanami Kou   Izanami Kou I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 04, 2013 11:47 pm

Name: Izanami Kou

Age: Twenty-six

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 130 lbs.

Nationality: Caucasian and Japanese

Personality: Kind, gentle, generous, shy, quiet and introvert.

Location of Home: In the northwestern Buffer Fields near the Petrucious Forest.
Under a small, dead bush is a hatch that Izanami may lock and open.
Underneath is essentially a 'hole' she lives in, with a large exotic rug on the floor.
It contains a shabby queen mattress on the right side, storage on the left, a ladder to the surface, a table in the middle and cookware on the back wall.

Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Beliefs: Atheist

Family: She had a mother, father, elder brother and younger sister before the Cadets passed through. She was fifteen (year 2039) when they marched to D'loul and took several victims. Her mother was raped and taken, her father and her brother beaten to death, and her sister taken to be a child slave. She had played dead after a Cadet had struck her, and they left her alone.

Occupation: Considered to be a witch. She creates potions, which she trades in town. People are more than happy to give her smoked meat, ingredients and other goods.

Skills/Hobbies: Potion making, dagger proficiency

Appearance: Artwork by asuka111 on deviantart

The wear in her appearance is not the same as the picture, however. She wears a long sleeve white lace shirt with a white undershirt. Two thumb holes are in each sleeve. She also wears ripped black leggings and dirty olive green combat boots. She has black gauges in her ears and a helmet with goggles on it.

Bio: Born into a humble family of Hinako and Ju Kou, she had an older brother named Ichiro Kou (Three years older), and a younger sister named Anika (born when Izanami was seven). When Izanami was just eight, the Cadets marched through D'loul, taking her mother and sister and leaving her brother and father for dead. She only lives to tell the tale because she played dead after a Cadet struck her, making her fly into the nearby wall.

Izanami was taken into a shelter in the Dalet's territory that was founded to help the victims of the Cadets, and she was no different from any other child in their eyes. She was often left out of games and never talked to anyone but a young boy named Jurou, who was two years older than her. She stuck around him despite his reputation for being the bully of the shelter. At eighteen, Jurou was turned loose, considered to be an adult now and ready to take care of himself. Izanami fell back down the social ladder and was a nobody for another two years, until eighteen when she was turned loose herself.

She immediately visited the house her family lived in and found it in the same condition as the day her family was forcefully taken from her. She remembered her parents telling her about a hidden spot in their room, and she found a small safe in the wall, containing three thousand dollars and a dirty, torn book of potions and spells. A heartfelt letter accompanied the rest, and she cried until the sun set, sleeping in her parents' bed.

When she awoke, the realtor kicked her out so it could be sold to a new family; two men with three small girls and a boy. She blessed them before leaving, and she was already lost. She stumbled upon Jurou by chance at a market and he took her in. She lived happily in his small home for two years until he began to drink heavily, dig into drugs and started hanging out with the wrong people. He tried to take advantage of her many times, but when she rejected, he kicked her out, calling her a nobdy, and she decided that if she had been a nobody for all of her life, she wouldn't stop now. Izanami decided to build an underground home in the Buffer Lands. She'd be underground when she died anyways, and no one lived in the Buffer Lands.

After a year of hard work, she finished it. The three thousand dollars from her parents went to the hatch and mattress, saving a good two thousand dollars. The rest was acquired through handiwork or trading. She visits town every Sunday to enjoy the trade hustle and bustle in town, but otherwise, she makes potions or simply sits around. Jurou now has gotten help, and he brings her water rations, and in return she gives him items of high value; often an unfair trade. She's been slipping lately, and he's about through with it...

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