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 The Story.

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PostSubject: The Story.   The Story. I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 04, 2013 10:40 pm

This year is 2052.

In 2020, the power to the world completely shut off.
When it turned back, everything went crazy.
Nukes, rockets and missiles exploded.

Most were left vulnerable as the climate went crazy.
Volcanoes erupted, hurricanes swirled around the world,
tidal waves swept through lands. It was Hell on Earth.
It went on for ten years.

In 2030, as humans tried to rebuild their lives on Earth,
they began to drop dead from radiation poisoning,
starvation, disease, or other humans trying to survive.
The population went from 8 billion to 500 before we knew it.

The only sacred place was an island in the Arctic, but the
catastrophic weather in the past had changed the poles,
causing it to be possible to live in the far north.

The good and the bad were immediately sorted out.
The Dalets stood for good health and kindess.
The Cadets stood for everything evil in the world.
The rest of the small nation is constantly in the battlefield
between the two polar opposite armies.

Rumors have gone around that the Cadets are going to make
the catastrophic events of 2020 reoccur with nukes.
We're just trying to survive. We don't know if it's true.

Can someone step up?
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The Story.
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