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 Cyrus Turonius

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PostSubject: Cyrus Turonius   Cyrus Turonius I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 07, 2013 11:17 pm

Name: Cyrus Turonius

Age: 36

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 180 lbs

Nationality: Caucasian although exact origin is implacable

Personality: Dark, reserved, intelligent, calculating, comes across as apathetic although he is actually very passionate, remorseless in combat, kind, generous

Status (Married, single, etc.): Single

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Beliefs (Religion, Afterlife, etc.): He believes in the shadows almost religiously, but is technically non-religious

Family: Unknown

Occupation (Trader, student, etc.): Assassin

Skills/Hobbies: Master of remaining unperceived, stealth, silent kills, long range and melee combat, leather working, brewing

Appearance (Picture and/or description): White hair pulled back into a ponytail, gold eyes, extremely defined facial features, very attractive, well-built, but not overly muscular. Wears his black cloak over his bleached white leather armor for stealth. His armor has old stealth tech integrated into it, but it shorts out quickly if used for too long. Always carries at least five daggers in various places along with a case for 20 throwing knives on his thigh. His sword is always on his waist, under his cloak, and his bow and quiver are generally across his back.

Reasons for Joining Agency (capture, family, etc.): His reasons for joining the agency are shrouded in mystery, even to their highest members. Some say it's to watch over somebody, although he has never spoken once of why he joined, only that he has proved he'll do what is needed no matter what.

Time in Agency: 20 years

Weapon Proficiency (knives, pistols, rifles, etc.): dual wields daggers, swords, bow and arrows, throwing weapons, mainly archaic weapons. Does not like technological weapons, but is fine with integrating it into his armor.

Bio: He assumes he was born off the main island, or at least in the far reaches of it, because his earliest memory is of waking up on the shore, when he was 15. He wandered the wastelands for awhile before eventually joining the agency. He had worked in a tavern before joining, and always enjoyed brewing there. He also picked up leather working from the bar tender he worked for, and has ever since made his own armor and equipment.

Through his time in the agency, he used to be shunned for his aversion to firearms, but after demonstrating his skill in the silent kill, he quickly became invaluable for eliminating high priority, heavily guarded targets. His weapon choice has made him useless in large scale, open range combat, but in melee, he devastates his enemies. This is why he prefers (prefers it because other missions would be suicidal) to go after single targets rather that he can kill silently rather than attacking and eliminating large groups, and also is a very good spy due to his abilities at remaining unperceived.

Through his travels, both in and out of the agency, Cyrus met a good deal of people, and sometimes wondered who he really should be fighting for.

After making a kill, Cyrus always makes sure the body is burned, usually through use of a flaming arrow. He refers to it as a sacrifice to the shadows he holds so dear.

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Cyrus Turonius
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