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 Neo Arminio

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PostSubject: Neo Arminio    Neo Arminio  I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 05, 2013 6:41 pm

Name: Neo Arminio

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 162

Nationality: Caucasian with Italian ancestors

Personality: Fairly smart, would rather observe people than interact, untrusting of others (including and especially other Cadets) but will come to trust someone greatly if he feels they deserve it, strong-willed, rarely regrets doing something that will help him survive

Status (Married, single, etc.): Single

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Beliefs (Religion, Afterlife, etc.): Atheist

Family: His family is dead

Occupation (Trader, student, etc.): he trades some, and of course, kills (being a Cadet and all...)

Skills/Hobbies: He observes people in the forest and animals in the tundra, he always wants to learn more about nature and people

Appearance (Picture and/or description): he isn't fat nor skinny, he has dark black hair that is shaggy but in a good way, his eyes are extremely bright blue (almost an unnatural blue), he always wears black jeans, black leather fingerless gloves, a pitch black hoodie with the hood constantly up to cover his head, he also always has a red cloth mask (made of a ski mask material) that covers his face from his nose down , only leaving his eyes and the hair covering on his forehead showing. He always hides his face, but he can take his mask down and hang it around his neck if he needs/wants to.

Reason for Joining Cadets (capture, family, etc.): he was captured and enslaved at the age of 15, when he turned 18 they captured many more kids. He was given a choice and held at gunpoint: kill or be killed. He chose to kill, hoping he could escape one day, preferring to not die right then that young.

Time in Cadets: was captured when he was 15, held as a slave until he was 18, which is when he officially became a Cadet and has been for 9 years

Weapon Proficiency (knives, pistols, rifles, etc.): most handguns and swords

Bio: Neo was born into an average family, he had a mother, father, older brother, and younger sister. His brother was four years older than him and his sister was five years younger than him. They lived a normal happy life in a small hut in the Buffer Fields. When he was ten, there was a battle in the general area of his home; his brother was shot by a Cadet when a Dalet hid in their house for a hiding spot. He grew to hate Cadets and Dalets, killing a few over the years “accidently” while hunting. He felt it was wrong to kill people, no matter how bad they are or how much you hate them, so he told himself and others it was an accident. Then, when he was fifteen, the Cadets found their home and raided it. His father was shot while defending his mother; his mother was raped and beaten to death in front of him and his sister. He took his sister and hid her in a small hole under a bush, but the Cadets found it and set the bush on fire, making the burning plant crash in on her and burn her alive. He remembers still today how the Cadets laughed at her screams and his cries and struggles to save her. The Cadets decided to enslave him. When he turned 18, the Cadets brought in several younger, fitter slaves and needed something to do with him. They took him to the tundra, made him sit on his knees in snow while wearing shorts and no shirt, and held a gun to his head, giving him two options: kill or be killed. He didn’t want to die that young, so he chose to kill. They began training him to be a Cadet out in the tundra, treating him harshly at first. He still had a burning hatred for them, and always kept it in his mind that he was going to escape and destroy the Cadets one day. Recently, he decided it was about time, he ran off from his group going out to kill some Dalets found in the woods. He knew they would go with the fact he got lost or something and forget about him eventually. He planned on killing all Cadets he encountered as to not get taken back. He didn’t think himself evil, he had always avoided being the one in his group to kill innocent people if he could, which sometimes he couldn’t. He had no trouble killing Dalets or fellow Cadets though, he hated them all.
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PostSubject: Re: Neo Arminio    Neo Arminio  I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 06, 2013 2:02 am

Absolutely love it! Approved! Very Happy
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Neo Arminio
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