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 Aaron Temple.

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PostSubject: Aaron Temple.   Aaron Temple. I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 23, 2013 4:50 pm

Name: Aaron Temple

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Height: 5ft 6"

Weight: 110lbs

Nationality: Caucasian

Personality: Clingy, A bit pushy, Kind of a dick, lonely, Sometimes very harsh.

Location of Home: He's a traveler, He doesn't have an actual home

Status (Married, single, etc.): Widow(er)

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual.

Beliefs (Religion, Afterlife, etc.): Atheist

Family: His brother was murdered, he never goes to visit his parents.

Occupation (Trader, student, etc.): He trades stolen goods.

Skills/Hobbies: He's a great archer and hunts often. He prefers to stay away from guns

Appearance (Picture and/or description): He has short, muddy brown hair, it's messy and untrimmed and reaches just below his earlobe, his bangs are shaggy and often cover his eyes, he's thin and not very muscular, His eyes are a deep shade of blue. He has multiple scars on his body from fights, his nose is sort of crooked from a fight he had when he was little.

Bio: He grew up in a home with an abusive father, He constantly bullied Aaron, Aaron's brother, Jayce, was never the target of this constant abuse, but he was very attached to Aaron. They never left eachother's side. Aaron's mom was constantly drunk, She never stopped their father from beating Aaron, and on a very rare occasion, Jayce. His father would bring home whores and force the boys to watch him have sexual relations with them. Aaron and Jayce ran away but were found two weeks later. Aaron was kidnapped when he was twelve, he woke up at a camp for hunters, They didn't hunt animals though. He met a man there and quickly fell in love with him. The man was four years older than him. Soon finding out of Aaron's feelings, the man expressed strong interest in him. They ran away together after about six years, and got married, When Aaron and his husband found their way to Aaron's house, Aaron got the news of his brother's death. His husband died two weeks later at the hand's of a Dalet, Aaron lived at home for a few months after that, but his father's abuse caused him to run away. He hasn't had true companionship since his husband died. He doesn't care much for it. One day he hopes to slaughter everyone who made him suffer. He's just waiting for the right time.

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Aaron Temple.
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