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 The Time Has Finally Arrived!

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The Time Has Finally Arrived! Empty
PostSubject: The Time Has Finally Arrived!   The Time Has Finally Arrived! I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 08, 2013 12:04 am

If CrimsonMadcap or I have approved you, you are free to post in any section!

If you open a forum (for example, The Petrucious Forest), and you are starting a new location (ie, Bart's Home), please make the first post in the new location a small description of the area. Include who it belongs to, where it is (specifically like north/west, etc.), what it looks like, what the inside is like, and any other important information for roleplaying in it. Please write this in italics.

If you LEAVE an area to go to another (for example, D'loul->Buffer Fields), please write at the end of your roleplaying entry EXIT TO [LOCATION]. Then go and create your new post (with entrance) in the new location as soon as possible. Remember, we can't teleport and we don't just show up! We enter and exit!

I'll add more to this when more things come to mind. Thank you!
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The Time Has Finally Arrived!
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