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 Gaia Levvineen

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PostSubject: Gaia Levvineen   Gaia Levvineen I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 06, 2013 11:19 pm

Name: Gaia Levvineen

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Height: 5ft 4"

Weight: 110lbs

Nationality: Caucasian

Personality: Loyal, Unforgiving and often very Bitchy and Cruel. Once she trusts you, she will hold you close like a prized gem.

Location of Home: A Small cabin deep in the woods, behind it is a large river

Status (Married, single, etc.): Single

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Beliefs (Religion, Afterlife, etc.): She is an Atheist, childhood events lead her to this belief.


Occupation (Trader, student, etc.): She works in a sort of "Black Market"

Skills/Hobbies: She likes to hunt, she's not the greatest at it, but she could catch a bird or two, she can draw very well and she has a large appreciation for music, she likes to swim but rarely.

Appearance (Picture and/or description): Long, silky, Silver, wavy hair that reaches her mid back, her bangs are shaggy and two longer bangs criss-cross at the center of her forehead, she's a bit chubby but physically able, Her breasts are about a D Cup, but they're not saggy. she has stormy grey eyes that are piercing and cold, her lips are naturally a strawberry red and are very full, she's very pale skinned, She is not albino despite what some may think, she's got rosy cheeks and she tends to wear a fuzzy, black, oversized, heavy sweater that reaches her mid thigh, it covers her tight fitting red shorts. She wears combat boots that reach her knees and are laced with a black ribbon. Her Silver hair is usually down, but sometimes she pulls it into a sloppy pony-tail and leaves her bangs in her face. The thing she hates most about herself is her scar, the scar goes from her cheek bone, across her lips and just barely her chin, The scare consists of four claw marks that make a deep impression in her skin, She was attacked by an unknown creature while exploring one day. She fears rejection, the fear was rooted to her ugly scar.

Bio: Her parents abandoned her, she was taken in by two lesbians wanting a child, They were killed when she was ten by who she calls "The Masked Man", She ran away from her Foster family, they were abusive, The father abused her sexually, causing her to fear physical contact with others today. One night her father came into her room and she slit his throat, she isn't sure what happened after that, she woke up in the woods chained to a tree like a dog, after days of struggling and screaming, a man found her, she trusted this man very much and appreciated his company. One night he pushed her down and held a knife to her throat, she pushed him off of her and ran as far as she could, she fell into a deep hole, The man thought her dead. She had landed on a ledge about fifteen feet into the hole. The hole led into a cave. She was stuck and afraid. She had to climb up or down. She chose up. When she got a group of bandits were on the move, They took her in, she was badly hurt. After her recovery she ran away, she didn't trust people and she didn't want them, To them she was nothing but a sex slave, that wasn't going to be her life. She wanted to know what was in the cave, she went back with proper supplies. The cave was a graveyard. It took her a week to find her way out, the tunnel out led her to a small city, she got supplies and quickly moved on. She ran far until she came upon the house in the woods, along with the family dead inside. Despite her discomfort she moved the bodies. She was safe in the home until a group of Cadets came and burned her home, with her inside, she luckily escaped with a few burns on her arms, legs and sides. She hated the Cadets, but she would never be good enough to be a Dalet. Maybe a life of brutal murder would be the life for her. She had to find out.

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Welcome aboard!
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Gaia Levvineen
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